5 Elder Scrolls Titles That Could Be Adapted Into A TV series


The Elder Scrolls is a long running and award winning computer games series set in the continent of Tamriel spanning several centuries and containing many myths and stories. The have been many games released along with many add-on storylines ranging a Holy Crusade across Cyrodiil, entering other realms, getting involved with vampires and so on.

The Elder Scrolls can be, in my opinion, adapted into a TV series. It already had plenty of characters, stories, plots, locations, dialogue, weapons, items etc so half the work is already done. All that would need to be done is work on a way to take the game dialogue and work it into a script while taking into account the various multiple choice options, that and getting the rights to make it.

I listed five titles that could be adapted, a given a brief description of the game, what is in it, and who I would want to play the character (in some cases the same actor who provided their voice for the game).  Feel free to give your own opinions or suggestions; if enough people like it, it may just happen. (SPOILER ALERT: THERE ARE REFERENCES TO SPECIFIC MISSIONS WHICH MAY RUIN YOUR GAME EXPERIENCE)


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