The Elder Scrolls Online There are 16 regular dungeons, six main dungeons introduced

With every MMORPG, there is always concerned about the players, there will not be enough to launch the ultimate gaming content. The Elder Scrolls Online, there will be 16 regular dungeons and dungeons introduced six of the Lord, we are told, at PAX Prime Bethesda this past weekend.
Dungeon master, because it is explained to us, “You have played a dungeon continuation of the story.” Therefore, the main dungeon expand, the larger version, you can follow different paths, as well as different enemies and a different story . It is difficult, of course.
We were also told that the normal group size dungeon four, however, adventure zone will allow up to 24 players, the game of the “maximum design group size.” Adventure area will have the contents of four groups, as well as 24 group content .
The Elder Scrolls Online does not have a release date, but Bethesda continue to be invited to participate in the beta players. I was not invited, but I did get some decent hands-on time with the game at PAX Prime. Here you can read my preview.

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