Adam Boyce: The Elder Scrolls Online “was never planned out game consoles, Sony convince Bethesda to do this

Cologne Game Show winning Elder Scrolls Online is set to PS4, including Microsoft Xbox, PC and Mac, come out next year, but if it is not Sony’s third party relations team effort, it would have been exclusively a PC / Mac.

In SCEA publisher and developer relations, vice president of Adam Boyce told GameInformer:
Elder Scrolls Online Guide
Bethesda … cook the entire Elder Scrolls Online trading – that game never planned to console, we just kept sitting with them, like, ‘Why not? PS4’s …… ”

We disclose the team and tell them a little bit more detail, I thought, ‘we have no reason – I love games, I love Elder Scrolls “So I was like,’ Why do not you?” They’re like, ‘We do not intend it . ‘I thought,’ Well, if we set up a plan, we can do it? ”

Get to know a game console, is never to ride, this is kind of what it is like, “Yes!”, You know, great, awesome.

Of course, TESO charges $ 14.99 / € 12.99 / £ 8.99 months, regardless of the game, will be a success is debated, but at least we now have a choice.

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